Pacific® Quick Scrub QS-12 Floor Cleaner - 5.5 Gal., 61 AH

Pacific® Quick Scrub QS-12 Floor Cleaner - 5.5 Gal., 61 AH

Item # 05011

  • The Quick Scrub replaces the mop, bucket, and wringer and the need for scheduled restorative cleaning.
  • Solution capacity: 5.5 Gal.; Solution control: 0.00-0.8 gpm
  • Solution control settings: manual trigger
  • Cleaning path: 12"; Pad/brush: 12"; Scrub head height: 3.6"; Handle height: 55.5"
  • Recovery tank capacity: 6 Gal.; Recovery tank accessibility: Full clean-out access
  • Vacuum motor: 210W, 3-stage, CFM: 55.7; Waterlift: 29.8"
  • Squeegee width: 12"; Squeegee material: Primothane[R]
  • System voltage: 12V; Battery run time: Up to 3.5 hours; On-board charger
5.5 Gal., 61 AH, ea
Manufacturer #805403

Featuring patent pending innovations for increased speed and performance, this daily clean machine is the industry's only solution to cleaner, safer, and soil-free confined space environments.


  • The machine is designed to eliminate bacteria before it clings to surfaces, removes all of the soil daily, and eliminates the need for scheduled/restorative cleaning all while maintaining a safe, healthy facility.
  • Simple, one-touch operation.
  • Quick start guide.
  • Q-CAPS chemical system. Ensure the right chemical dosage every time.
  • Quick replace brush assembly.
  • Brush/pad drain.
  • 360° swivel casters.
  • Caddy. Store supplies conveniently on the Quick Scrub machine. Keep cleaning, keep productive.
  • Color coding: Control cross-contamination. Red - restrooms, Green - Kitchen and food prep, Blue - Common areas.
  • The Quick Scrub is no bigger than your standard mop bucket, wringer, and mop handle.